The Ron Paul Effect: Mitt Romney Adopts RP’s Position on Abortion

Ron Paul is already having a direct impact on the 2008 campaign.  Today, did a feature on Mitt Romney’s new abortion stance…letting the states decide the issue for themselves.  Romney is quoted as saying that the Supreme Court got it wrong with Roe vs. Wade and that it is a state’s rights issue until a national ban can be implemented.

This is exactly the position Ron Paul has been advocating for years.

Read the article here.


3 Responses to “The Ron Paul Effect: Mitt Romney Adopts RP’s Position on Abortion”

  1. libertyman Says:

    There is no national ban on abortion on Ron Paul’s position.

  2. Jason Elam Says:

    I’ve heard Dr. Paul say several times that he supports an amendment to the Constitution to protect life in the womb. Also, in his Iowa Straw Poll Speech, the Congressman said…”As an OB Doctor, let me assure you that life begins at conception…Roe vs. Wade must be reversed…”

  3. libertyman Says:

    That is true but he as President is not in a position to make that type happen any more than he did as a congressman. The lack of national consensus which obviously exists on this subject would in my opinion trump his vote on that issue as President. He would not likely be ably to get a ban on abortion done at the federal level and he is not for that kind of action on that issue. It is impossible for the 2 ideas to coexist. It becomes a state issue at that point.

    Do you perhaps think that Ron Paul would not be aware of this fact politically? I doubt it as he is one of the most literate and honest people I know. States issue on abortion all the way from every thing I have read of the Dr. Paul.
    Read my other post on that issue for a complete profile.

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